De-Stress'd Deep Sleep Cream


by Men'd Skincare


2 fl. oz. (60ml)


Our Anti-Aging Moisturizer's cousin that provides wrinkle reduction while you sleep.  This nightwear cream is formulated with lavender to soothe your senses as you fall into a deep slumber.  While our Anti-Aging Moisturizer provides a supple complexion, this cream firms and lifts the skin to reduce the appearances of wrinkles. 


  • Lightly scented with Lavender to melt away the stress as you fall asleep.
  • Regenerative Complex (Peony + Vitamins B3, B5, C, E) actively works through the night by pumping nutrients to your skin for that bright morning look.
  • Firms and Lifts while you sleep.

Lavender Oil: Scientifically proven to naturally promote sleep and battle insomnia.  

Peony: Popular in Korea, the oils in Peony plants contain vital tannins, polyphenols, saponins, and natural acids which act in unison to reduce spotty pigmentation, inhibit the aging process, and reduce the appearance of pores.

Made in America.  Men'd Skincare is built around maintaining ethical business practices.  That means sourcing premium all natural ingredients grown on Earth, and most importantly, never testing on animals.  All products are 100% Organic wherever possible and will ALWAYS be Paraben, Phthalate, Sulfate, Silicone, Talc, Cruelty and Carcinogen free.